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So I was thinking about my own personal reasons to be cheerful and kept coming back to the idea of “Friends” (…not the TV show!).

Good friends are always there when you need them, and even when you don’t. They are there to share the good times and can help make a bad situation seem less so.

My idea is to draw a collection of portraits of my friends. I am imagining the final piece to be large format (maybe A1) with the individual portraits being relatively small in size, so that there would be a large number of portraits included. I mocked-up this idea using a selection of repeated images from birthday cards I’ve made in the past…

My aim with the final piece would be to create a satisfying overall appearance which rewards closer viewing with the individual faces and expressions.


This is the first piece I have been working on recently. I am always inspired by technological and industrial themes so I ‘ve made a bit of my own Up machine in this one. The theme of the exhibition is Up so I came up with this Choco Happy Making Machine which fuels with hot chocolate boxes – I have not put the details yet- and it constantly brings you up to the the big sunflower which is symbolic of the sun. It also reflects my preference for chocolate. This was based from initial thoughts in my sketchbook and have developed them on an A2 surface which will be a part of 3 or 4 pieces all together depending on the available space that each will be very relative to each other.

UPside exhibition

13.09.2010 — 07.11.2010

Private view:
Tuesday 21.09.2010

Mon-Sat 12.00—23.00
Sun 12.00—16.00

Medcalf Gallery
38-40 Exmouth Market
London EC1R 4QE

How to get there:


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