UPSIDE exhibition lines up an International group of established graphic artists, bringing together an extraordinary collection of their reasons to be cheerful. Private fascinations, small joys, curiosities and indulgences will be exposed and rediscovered, stimulating recollections of on-lookers own experiences. The project promotes the idea that the upsides of life can be found in surprising and sometimes ridiculous places.

UPSIDE is the latest project coming from the ‘Playroom’ collective. This group has an 18 month history of showcasing in a number of locations, including arts venues of an international standing in the UK, and abroad. Exhibitions, art fairs, festivals and digital platforms have staged the variety of talents from as many as 15 countries. The diverse outcomes of the group include design, printmaking, book arts and digital practices. The successful creative individuals will provide a show that will capture imaginations of the audience and leave a lasting imprint of fascinating, hidden upsides of everyday life.